Sunday, February 13, 2011

RE: Anti-Nazi Message in Le Corbeau (aka I love autofill)

Well, it's almost been a year since my last post. I suppose that makes it okay to slap something on here now.

It is approximately (and actually) 2:20 AM Sunday morning, February 13, 2010, and I cannot sleep. What? You say that's no surprise considering I never sleep and what posts I do write are always at unnatural hours in the night? True...

...or not. It weirds me out to think about it, but I am a completely different person from last February. I've spent the last half hour flipping through old pictures of me on Facebook, deleting the ones that just shouldn't be in the public eye (what if I ever run for office? Admit it, you'd vote for me, scary pictures or no), and just, in general, wasting my life away till dawn. A lot has changed. Not since I started college (and got a Facebook account) - everything was pretty much the same for 3 years there. No lie. It changed in the last nine months.

I'm so completely different now than I was, and the change was so fast I'd almost call it instantaneous (hey - nine months is instantaneous in Kolob time). It's kind of amazing what God can do with you if you shut up and pay attention every once and a while.

It's also interesting to see what reactions I get from people, aka boys, now that I'm all pre-mission-glowed up. Today an amorous coworker asked me if people tell me I'm smokin' hot all the time. Because I was. I responded, well, since I decided to go on a mission....(no, not really *grin*). It's better than a tan, this stuff! They should bottle it!

I've also learned that several people were interested/crushing on me way back when, but for one reason or another (one guy thought I would snub him - weird), they never acted on it. *throws hands up* What the heck?? Mi madre's opinion is that God was basically blocking their neuro-pathways so that the thought never really reached resolution and they just stopped at, "She's cute, I should...." All so I could go on a mission and not marry the first man that threw himself at me.

That's one of the funny reactions - when I tell people (boys) about all the obnoxious, bizarre delays I get putting my papers in (both times), they always come up with, "Well, maybe you should just not go and get married." Insinuation: "To me." This amuses me - I kind of wonder if people will ever be tactful when it comes to sister missionaries. Or race relations, or working mothers, or prostitution in Nevada. Who knows. I sure don't, it's 2:40 AM.

I feel my brain functioning fading fast (ye-yeah, alliteration. And parenthesis) so I'm going to end here, go get a drink, and try to read Jane Eyre. Hopefully, I'll pass out on the floor to the kitchen and not have to expend energy maintaining consciousness anymore. Rudely enough, it's tiring.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Letter of Complaint to

Blogger, I hate you. It's 4:12 AM and I'm writing a blog. Let me sleep like a normal person instead of luring me into feeling an empty connection with people I'd never recognize on the street. Now, please shut down and let me sleep. My articulacy level is dropping rapidly and I fear ridicule and the high probability of skipping work tomorrow. The End.



Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This Is War

Honestly, I just needed to write a post so I could move freaking TSO down and see my links on the side (it's starting to annoy the heck out of me). So. I basically need to blather on for half a page.

Today's Thoughts:

Body Image
Spiritual damnation
Spiritual redemption
Emo/Grunge/Depressing '90s (no wonder boy bands got popular - those folks needed it)
Relationship taboos
The stupid 'Game'
Quite frankly, a lot of heady, serious stuff, and I don't want to freak you guys out anymore.

On a more positive note (because anything after that list would be)....nope. Don't got any. I'm just going to be emo for today and get it out of my system. Peace out, y'all.

PS I think I'm scaring Jinsoun - she's never seen me anything but energetic and happy. Oops.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Me(TSO + Live Concerts) = Eternal, Undying Devotion

Okay. I knew Trans-Siberian Orchestra was amazing. I knew I loved them. I knew that nothing could lessen my love for them.

But I didn't know I could love them more.

HOT. dang. I will say this once: If you ever get the chance to see TSO live and do not take it, your life is not worth living. And now this video will give you a taste as to why.

Yes. Lasers, smoke, snow, hovering stages, flames, and more. You think I'm exagerating - I'm not. Remember, these people got Tia to write a post longer than 9 words.

Was it the crazy Asian violinist doing the splits as he played Tchaikovsky that made this show? Or maybe the 6'3" Puerto Rican growling out jazzy tunes like his voice had it's own, black soul? Or could it be the tiny blonde who looked like she should go country, but belted arias instead?

I don't know what it was, but to say the very, very least - it was awesome. And they're starting a spring tour!


Monday, November 16, 2009


My new goal in life is to have a child on 3-14-15.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The One Where Tia Goes off Her Rocker

>I’ve decided that I’m going to start writing fictional accounts of things I would do any given day if I didn’t have the personality traits, morals, or inclinations I do. With no money or job (and little chance I'll get one) I gotta fill the hours somehow *grin*<

Today: Wandering Bohemian Spirit

The freeway was hotter today, it seemed. It tended to do that – shimmer and swirl and swoon you when you least expected it. It is Nevada. No excuse for it to welcome foreign clouds for a renegade native. You’d think it’d have some sympathy for a former occupant, but clearly any sort of departure was viewed as desertion, even the unwilling kind.

Desert heat is deceptive; it beats on your head even as it glistens ethereal and changeable in front of your very eyes. How many things hit you like that? Forcefully telling you what it is while daring you to ignore its stark truth for a more desirable image. I’ve blinded myself like that often enough.

“Glory!” I plucked my shirt off my sweating chest in vain imitation of a fan. At least I was still sweating – I wouldn’t think of what to resort to when I ran out of water and, thereafter, sweat. That might force me to break The Rules, and so far I hadn’t had to even question them. But when choosing between life and Rules, the choice seemed laughable – especially when those rules were made to keep me alive.

Oh, The Rules. I even capitalize them like that in my mind, and it somehow comes out in my tone. They aren’t nearly as foreboding as they sound, all official and such. Grammar. Always important. S’what I get from reading too much and growing up with English majors.

Seriously though, “The Rules” were just a set of no-no’s I set down before I started this whole crazy, bohemian traveling thing. They were meant to keep me safe and semi-honorable.

Rule No. 1: No walking in sight of a freeway when possible. Especially at night.

Rule No. 2: No sleeping in abandoned buildings – unless it’s raining and you can find an unseen corner to curl up in (this meant a hidden nook in the ceiling, an unreachable attic, or a covered bit of roof)

Rule No. 3: No sleeping at ground level whenever given the choice (a rope and some mad climbing skills meant I could almost always find a tree to kip off in. Sure, my quality of sleep suffered, but I stayed safer that way.)

Rule No. 4: No junk food while traveling from one city to the next (it pays to be healthy when you have no set home)

Rule No. 5: No rides with anyone I’ve known less than 3 months. No hitch-hiking.

Rule No. 6: No using transient bishops or homeless shelters unless I was desperate.

That last was so I wouldn’t take aid from someone else who really needed it – it was my choice/fault that I was out here, so I would take care of myself as far as I could and then beseech others. Right then, though, I might’ve had to beg a ride if I started getting heat stroke. No dying was an unspoken rule. And it was getting hotter and hotter.

Off to the west some clouds lurked over a scattered blast of shot-gun hills. Weak, cumulus clouds huddled over them, probably too tired and dry to make contact with any earth further away. I wondered if a dance would entice them over to partially block the searing sun, if not (oh, goodness, please) to rain. The thought brought a grin to my face, as I imagined little 7 year-olds on their summer trip to CA peering out of air-conditioned cars at the crazy blonde dancing maniacally as they zoomed by, already covering more ground than she had in the past day. Well, I’d have certainly enjoy seeing that when I was that age. Then again, I was always a bit different, hence why I was hiking across Nevada to California in the summer heat.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Tia the Wanting

Today at work I was relatively productive, barring one small infraction where I was checking out WikiHow - one of the coolest Wikis out there. Anyways, I was going to look up how to survive a kidnapping, since Hilary (girl from office)was going off about all these tricks people will use and what you're supposed to do and whatnot. But I didn't quite make it there since on the first page it had "How to Survive a Long Fall".


Of course I was drawn in by it, since I am morbidly curious about anything height related. And it proved to be a very informative - if at times creepy - read. Like, did you know that you bounce? And that your best bet when falling off of skyscraper scaffolds and such is to aim for either glass or cars? Or that it takes 6-10 seconds to fall 1000 feet? I'll post the url so y'all can be thoroughly dissuaded from any future plans to go skydiving.

Oh, and the title?

So, Tae and I were in the living room last night, sitting, disaffected, collegiate, and we're talking about titles - you know, like Catherine the Great, or Vlad the Impaler. And I'm like, "Hey, Tae, wouldn't that be the coolest thing?" or something like that. Tae's all, hm, yeah that's nice, roomie. I continue. "If I ever went into politics, I'd tell everyone it was to get one of those. Tia the Terrible...Tia the Thoughtful..."

"Tia the Wanting."

*beatific grin*

Needless to say, Tae's full of genius, and we will now refer to Tia at the appropriate (or inappropriate, I"m not picky) moment as Tia...the Wanting.