Sunday, February 13, 2011

RE: Anti-Nazi Message in Le Corbeau (aka I love autofill)

Well, it's almost been a year since my last post. I suppose that makes it okay to slap something on here now.

It is approximately (and actually) 2:20 AM Sunday morning, February 13, 2010, and I cannot sleep. What? You say that's no surprise considering I never sleep and what posts I do write are always at unnatural hours in the night? True...

...or not. It weirds me out to think about it, but I am a completely different person from last February. I've spent the last half hour flipping through old pictures of me on Facebook, deleting the ones that just shouldn't be in the public eye (what if I ever run for office? Admit it, you'd vote for me, scary pictures or no), and just, in general, wasting my life away till dawn. A lot has changed. Not since I started college (and got a Facebook account) - everything was pretty much the same for 3 years there. No lie. It changed in the last nine months.

I'm so completely different now than I was, and the change was so fast I'd almost call it instantaneous (hey - nine months is instantaneous in Kolob time). It's kind of amazing what God can do with you if you shut up and pay attention every once and a while.

It's also interesting to see what reactions I get from people, aka boys, now that I'm all pre-mission-glowed up. Today an amorous coworker asked me if people tell me I'm smokin' hot all the time. Because I was. I responded, well, since I decided to go on a mission....(no, not really *grin*). It's better than a tan, this stuff! They should bottle it!

I've also learned that several people were interested/crushing on me way back when, but for one reason or another (one guy thought I would snub him - weird), they never acted on it. *throws hands up* What the heck?? Mi madre's opinion is that God was basically blocking their neuro-pathways so that the thought never really reached resolution and they just stopped at, "She's cute, I should...." All so I could go on a mission and not marry the first man that threw himself at me.

That's one of the funny reactions - when I tell people (boys) about all the obnoxious, bizarre delays I get putting my papers in (both times), they always come up with, "Well, maybe you should just not go and get married." Insinuation: "To me." This amuses me - I kind of wonder if people will ever be tactful when it comes to sister missionaries. Or race relations, or working mothers, or prostitution in Nevada. Who knows. I sure don't, it's 2:40 AM.

I feel my brain functioning fading fast (ye-yeah, alliteration. And parenthesis) so I'm going to end here, go get a drink, and try to read Jane Eyre. Hopefully, I'll pass out on the floor to the kitchen and not have to expend energy maintaining consciousness anymore. Rudely enough, it's tiring.


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